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NPPL Bans Social Paintball from Events!

January 13, 2013 by Cliff B. in NPPL with 0 Comments

First off, why does there have to be such anger and hostility in the paintball industry? Especially when it has to do with something as trivial as a wrong event date that is still months away. If there was an error in the reporting of a date, it can be easily remedied with either an amendment to the post or a whole new post altogether stating the error…

That wasn’t the case when Social Paintball posted the dates for the 2013 NPPL events on their website. It wasn’t but a couple minutes after Israel Lagares posted the dates on his website that he was contacted by NPPL rep Frank Connell demanding that he remove the post from his site. Apparently, it was on a “not so nice” level also, as in using abusive language and threats. Why he had to be like that, we may never know. But anyways…

I mean for real though. Anyone who is subscribed to the NPPL mailing list gets an email with the same exact dates that Israel Lagares got, the only difference being that he posted them to Social PB. If you would like to see what Social had to say about this, read below.

As per Frank Connell, Vice President of the NPPL, Social Paintball has been banned from NPPL events. It is unfortunate that we will not be able to provide news and information about the league to the fans and viewers. We will still try to provide updates about the league throughout the year, as we can. The dates provided below are incorrect, as soon as they are released by the NPPL, we will update the page. We repeat, the dates are incorrect (they were incorrectly posted on the NPPL website and Facebook page by the NPPL). [Update: 5:50 PM ET]Frank Connell has posted on our Facebook stating, “Please delete this the dates are wrong.” It appears that the reason for the NPPL abruptly removing the dates/photos from their website and Facebook page is that they were prematurely and incorrectly posted. We have asked Mr. Connell to provide us with the correct dates. Stay tuned for more information.

Well, if the allegations by Social Paintball are true, that’s honestly just pathetic that a major tournament series such as the NPPL has to act like that. It may not be the NPPL as a whole but when you have the VP of the NPPL Frank Connell acting like that towards an online media site such as Social Paintball, it makes me lose quite a bit of respect for the league as a whole. Like I stated before, it was just the dates for the Denver event which could have been simply remedied with zero issues in the paintball community. Let’s just calm down folks.

Leave comments below on what you think about the whole deal. I would love to hear what everyone thinks. And if my dates are wrong also, because I’m sure I got the same email Social did, I will happily change them with no complaints.

You can read more about this at The Ford Report and Social Paintball.

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