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How to bunker another player in paintball

February 1, 2012 by Cliff B. in Player Tips with 0 Comments

Bunkering is an art form in paintball in which a player runs up on an opposing team member and pops a couple caps in them when they aren’t looking. It is quite the move in paintball and can be a real game changer if performed in the right manner and time. However, it can also be a gamble if you are not aware of your opponents placements and don’t follow a few simple steps to ensure your success.

Bunkering is fun and quite painful for your opponent. You get a great rush when you run up and take your opponents position and send him to the deadbox. Read below for some steps on how to bunker another player in painball.

  1. First you need to make sure you know where your opponents are. Snapshooting is a great way to both provide yourself a little cover fire and see where your opponents are. Pop out and take a couple quick looks around.
  2. Communication is key when performing a bunker move. Your teammates should have a good idea of where everyone is on the field if you are all communicating with one another. Let your team know you are performing a bunker move and get a response from them. Let them know which bunker you will be performing the move on and get some feedback on if it’s a safe move or not.
  3. Once the team talk is done, take a couple snapshots to make sure your opponent is behind his/her bunker. Maybe get one of your teammates to give you some cover fire while you run up to the opponents bunker. Once at your opponents bunker, shoot him/her out.

It helps when bunkering another player to know which way their back will be turned. This is to prevent them popping out and putting you in the deadbox with one of their own snapshots.

Bunkering is a lot of fun and very helpful when you get he technique down. Don’t forget that there is also a lot of luck involved also when you are playing teams that really bring a tough game. The next time you are at a pro game, or even local games for that matter, watch other players and the way that they bunker other players. Learn from them and their mistakes. It pays to learn from others mistakes so that you don’t get lit up learning from your own mistakes.

Also, practice makes perfect. Go to your local field and play against other people, friends, or teams. So why are you still reading this. Go practice. Play hard and keep the game alive.

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