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Paintball… Period.

October 15, 2012 by Cliff B. in News with 0 Comments

What is paintball to you? What got you started throwing paint at your fellow pballin brothers and sisters. What gives you the drive to spend thousands of dollars on equipment, field fees, and paint. There is no other sport in the world that can give you the adrenaline rush and satisfaction that paintball gives players. Paintball involves teamwork and dedication to win that in turn rewards players with long lasting friendships and awesome memories that you will never forget.

So what is paintball to you?

To me, paintball is not just running down a field with inflatable bunkers pushing your strategy and will to the limit to grab the flag. Also, it is not just crawling through the leaves in the woods with that sweet smell of rugged nature and broken paintballs ingrained into your t-shirt or camo jacket while your goggles fog up. Paintball is all of this, all at once. Paintball is time spent with good friends who will allow you to shoot them into the ground and then buy you a beer afterwards and allow you to brag about your victory.

Sometimes viewers and players alike forget their paintball roots. There becomes a rift created between rec ballers, tourney ballers, and scenario ballers. In truth, we are all brothers and sisters with one cause. To make insane moves that win games and give you that rush, to shoot your brethren. HK Army has a killer video out right now on their YouTube page that really inspired me to write this. It brought me back to my roots of paintball and really what brought me into the game. When you see the video, you can imagine why I was drawn into paintball. It wasn’t tournaments that drew me in. It wasn’t about fame, glory, or having the best equipment. It was because it was fun. It was the best thing I could do on the weekends after my classes in high school. Check out this video.

You can see why paintball is fun. Where else can you do this? Nowhere is the correct answer.

So why do you like paintball? What drew you into the sport?

I remember when I first got into the game. My first marker was a Brass Eagle Blade and I shot Diablo Blaze paintballs. I didn’t have an electronic loader. It was just a plane black hopper. I quickly upgraded to a Spyder TL paintball gun when all my buddies had Spyders and Tippmann 98 customs. I, myself, have shot lot’s of different types of paint. I have used Diablo Blaze, EVIL, Marbalizers, Blue Streak (Don’t use this…), Inka, and GI Sportz. I have owned many different markers too. Here is a brief list of my past markers. I have owned a Brass Eagle Blade, Evil Omen, Spyder TL, Smart Parts Impulse (old one), Shocker, SuperStock cocker, Orr-acle cocker, Invert Mini, and an Angel A4. I’m not even going to list the upgrades.

I started playing paintball about 10 years ago at the date of this writing. I originated in the woodsball world of paintball as a weekend warrior whenever I could scrounge up enough cash for a case of paint and a couple co2 fills (air later on in my career). It was a good time. I started in a time when the media was pumping out a lot of paintball merchandise such as magazines and TV shows. FOX television aired the NPPL season for a couple games when I first started. I remember SPLAT magazine, APG, PBX3, and all the other big mags, but SPLAT and APG were my faves. Do you remember SPLAT mag?

Well, that is paintball to me and where my roots are firmly planted. I have played all different types of paintball including tournament pball and I love it all. I just felt it is a good time for me to reminisce of all my past paintball times, especially since I don’t have much time to play anymore due to job changes and family events. Paintball is one of those things that no matter what, there will never be any regrets.

I will always be a pballer. No doubt. I will play when I have time and will continue to devote what little available time I have left to the sport and educating young people about the sport. I want the sport to grow, and not just the tournament scene. The whole sport is equally great and everyone who plays, no matter the format, I consider you family in the game. Paintballers are a breed apart, and if you ball, you know what I’m talking about.

Thanks for reading my article about what paintball is to me and where I come from in the sport, however brief it was. If I was to write my whole story about my time in the game, it would be many a page long. To all of you just starting out or those of you with many years in, keep playing and keep having fun.


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