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New video series by the NPPL for entire season

February 21, 2012 by Cliff B. in NPPL with 0 Comments

The NPPL has taken it upon themselves to launch a new video series for the entire 2012 paintball tournament season. According to a press release by the NPPL, the new video series will include tournament footage, player interviews on the pro and divisional levels, product reviews, webcast highlights and important NPPL news. This is exciting news for paintballers as they can get all the dirt straight from the source, whether that be players or product companies.

It’s cool for the NPPL to do this. Personally, I don’t feel that there is enough video footage out there to really give ‘ballers a serious collection of the good stuff. This also adds ways to get word out about the sport to gain new players. If you are interested in the 2012 NPPL paintball series, this is the video series for you. Even if you aren’t interested, watch it anyways. It is good education! I’m looking forward to seeing all the episodes.

See the full press release below:

NPPL Launches season long video series

We are pleased to announce a new “video series” for the 2012 NPPL season. The spots have been produced by a newly formed NPPL film team in conjunction with a new and improved live webcast program.

The spots will feature Pro and Divisional player interviews, event coverage, product reviews, webcast highlights, and important NPPL news.

Instead of relying on internet website chatter and rumours for your paintball news, hear the real story right from the mouths of the top player’s, NPPL managment, referees and sponsors!

2012 will be our biggest season yet! Registration for the 10th annual Surf City USA Open in beautiful Huntington Beach California is filling up, so get your teams spot secured now!

Our first video features Ryan Moorehead from Pro team Edmonton Impact, raw candid and real!

There you have it. Straight from the NPPL. If you are interested in that first episode with Ryan Moorhead of Edmonton Impact, you can surely find it here. –> NPPL 2012 Video Series Episode 1 – Ryan Moorhead.


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