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2012 NPPL Vancouver Event Cancelled and Destroyed

March 6, 2012 by Cliff B. in NPPL with 0 Comments

NPPL Updates, NPPL Updates

OK, so the title of the post is a little harsh and nowhere near the truth. Well, it is true that the NPPL has indeed cancelled the 2012 Vancouver event in favor of a more developed and planned out 2013 date. It has been said that there will be an event held in Vancouver but the fact of the matter is that there needs to be more time for planning, logistics, and cash flow to effectively hold an event of this magnitude in Vancouver, British Columbia.

If you are looking for an official release from the NPPL, the one below comes straight from the mouth of the NPPL. See below.

For Immediate Release

Vancouver Postponed / New NPPL Pro Player reality TV Show

The NPPL in conjunction with Dynasty has made the commitment to produce a reality Paintball TV Show based on a Dynasty/Impact World Tour. The League will be filming segments at each NPPL event this year and feature tournaments outside the United States. Impact have chosen to only to attend NPPL events in North America, as they will be traveling on a worldwide tour to capture paintball on film. The show will also focus on woods ball, recreational play and scenario games. The Show will Air sometime this summer dates and times to follow. The NPPL once again is paving the way to expose the sport of paintball worldwide.

The NPPL Board of Directors after speaking to players, teams and sponsors has decided to reschedule Vancouver.  The main reasons for dropping Vancouver from the 2012 schedule is the economy is still tight and teams, sponsors have expressed they can only afford to go to 4 events this season. Furthermore, there were concerns about getting supplies and equipment across the boarder.   We are looking at the possibility of hosting the event in 2013 which will allow the league, teams and sponsors more time to plan, promote and take care of logistics for running a successful tournament. The NPPL views Canada as a growing paintball tournament market and looks to promote more feeders and teams in Canada this year. The League hopes players; teams and sponsors will respect and support our decision to postpone Vancouver for one year.

So there you have it.  We are waiting until at least 2013 for a NPPL event to be held on Canadian soil. No worries though. I would rather it be epic than an epic fail. Until then, there is HB baby. It’s coming soon!

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