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St.Tropez-Cannes 2012 Millennium Series French Riviera Cup paintball field layout

February 22, 2012 by Cliff B. in Millennium Series with 0 Comments

The Millennium European Paintball Series has officially released the layout of the first event paintball field layout, St. Tropez-Cannes, France. Personally, I think the field looks pretty good. It will be an interesting field with the new snake and players should be able to come out with some exciting and dominating plays. We will see. All in all, I like it.

There do seem to be some similarities of the St. Tropez-Cannes field layout and the Galveston Island, PSP field layout if you look at it closely.

As usual, here are the images of the field layout. If you are attending, try to play the field at a local field before making the trek to France.

Click to Enlarge Images!

St.Tropez-Cannes France Event 1 - 1

St.Tropez-Cannes France Event 1 - 2

St.Tropez-Cannes France Event 1 - 3

The Millennium Series games are going to be excellent this year according to multiple sources. If you are going to attend any of these games, make sure you secure accomodations soon as they are quickly becoming unavailable. Make sure you bring plenty of cashola also if you are going to this destination, as it’s quite the tourist spot I hear. Have some fun and enjoy the paintball. Life is complete!

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