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2012 NPPL Video Series Episode 3 – Oliver Lang

February 27, 2012 by Cliff B. in Videos with 0 Comments

Episode 3 of the 2012 NPPL video series has been released. This time, it is featuring one of the best players in paintball, and one who knows what he’s talking about, Oliver Lang. Oliver talks about some good stuff in this video, and as many have pointed out, there is a squirrel in the background. If you aren’t interested in Ollie, you should at least watch it for the squirrel…

Oliver Lang

Oliver does point out probably his best comment of the whole video at the very tail end. Oliver says, “Go play paintball, it’s fun out there, you know. Don’t sit on your couch. Go grab a paintball gun, you’re gonna love it…”. I believe in this sport 110% and I know Oliver does too. What he is saying is absolutely positively correct in every way. Go play paintball! It’s fun. You will love it. Out of all the people I have introduced to the sport over the years, I have never had one person tell me they didn’t like it. Enough rambling from me though… Enjoy the 3rd episode of the 2012 NPPL video series with Ollie Wang!

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