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Top 5 Paintball Playing Tips

September 18, 2011 by Cliff B. in Player Tips with 1 Comment

A lot goes into the sport of paintball. There is a lot of skill and dedication involved. There is really no skill that is above all the rest. You use them all to become an elite player. In this post I would like to write about what I think are the top 5 tips to make you a better paintball player.

1. Communication

This is important. To win games you have to function as one joint entity. You must work as a team. You cannot work as a team however if you do not have proper communication. You need to know where your teammates and where your opponents are on the field at all times. This will help you devise a strategy on the fly and help stop accidental team eliminations. In short this will help you win games. So practice communication with your teammates during practices.

2. Snapshooting

Snapshooting is arguably one of the best skills to master in the game of paintball. A quick definition of snapshooting is where you are behind a bunker or some type of cover and you do quick pop-outs while shooting a couple rounds at your opponent before you go back behind cover. Snapshooting can quickly turn the tides of a game. It is good while snapshooting to come out from behind the bunker from different positions quickly to throw your opponent off guard. You should practice this every time you practice with your team. You can also practice by yourself too. Set up some type of bunker and set up a target and practice your snapshooting. Also, set up your target at different distances to give yourself a variety of situations.

3. Movement

Movement is critical also when you are in a paintball game. You need to learn how to move properly from behind bunkers. Also, you need to learn how to move properly when not behind a bunker period. When you are coming out from behind a bunker, you want to wait until your opponent stops shooting at you. If you walk out into a rope of paint you are going to be eliminated. When coming out, come out with your knees bent and moving. The smaller you make yourself as a target the harder you are to hit. The same goes your moving when your not behind a bunker. Also, you always want to be moving forward from bunker to bunker. If you stay behind a bunker for to long you will get bunkered by the opposing team. And that’s no good. So always keep moving and try to move properly.

4. Health

Despite what some people may say, if you are not in shape you will not have as much fun or reach your full potential as a player if you are not in shape. Paintball is a very active sport. There is a lot of movement and running involved and you always have to be on alert. This goes for both woodsball and tourney ball. I would suggest you do a little bit of weight training and endurance training (running/jogging). You will find that when you are more in shape, your potential and gameplay improves. To be a better player and put your game to the max you must have good health.

5. Paint

This last tip has nothing to do with you, but with what you use. It doesn’t matter if you have the best gun on the market with the best barrel upgrade. If you are putting junk paint through your barrel then your game is going to be very off. Irregular shaped paint will almost never hit the target you are shooting at. Instead it will go left, right, up, and all over the place. If you really want to up your game, I suggest buying quality paint. Some good brands include Draxxus, Nelson, Evil, and Marbalizers. Do yourself a favor and go get some good paint.

So now that you have my top 5 paintball playing tips, it’s time to go put them to use. Go out and practice and have fun and win some games.

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One Comment

  1. EwaldsApril 12, 2015 at 4:49 amReply

    As an begginer in this field, then this was very usefull article for me, thanks.

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