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Invert MINI Solenoid Not Clicking Fix

October 9, 2011 by Cliff B. in Player Tips with 1 Comment

Recently there were some issues with my Invert Mini with the solenoid not clicking. Being the “do it yourself” kind of guy and knowing a bit about paintball markers, I decided to decipher and fix the issue myself. I have noticed while searching Google and browsing paintball forums such as PBNation that there are many other people with this issue. I will go ahead and tell you that I fixed my solenoid and it is working again with no issues. I figured that I would be a good person and share everything that I learned on what is wrong with the solenoid and how to fix it. Hopefully you find everything you need to fix your solenoid issue with your Invert Mini right here!

First off, I will name some things for you to do to troubleshoot and try to narrow the culprit down:

  • Make sure your eyes are off on your invert mini (hold the trigger while you turn the marker on)
  • If you want your eyes on, put a ball or something in the breach (Do NOT have your mini pressurized)
  • Make sure you are using a brand name (Duracell, Energizer, Procell) battery
  • Try swapping out your battery
  • Try readjusting your trigger so that it trips the Halls effect trigger sensor
  • Try resetting the solenoid by pulling the trigger 30-50 times then turn the marker off then back on with the eyes off. See if the solenoid clicks now.

Those are just basic troubleshooting tips. Some new paintball marker owners aren’t knowledgeable of making sure their eyes are off. If the eyes are on and nothing is in the breach, the marker will not fire therefore the solenoid will not click. Try with the eyes off.

Another thing I picked up while browsing the web was that some Invert Minis are picky with the batteries that they use. You should make sure that you are using quality brand name batteries in your Invert Mini. They are usually just a couple dollars more and you can be sure that you will not have any issues. Trust me on this. Even if you are using a quality battery, try swapping it out for another unused battery. Even though the battery indicator LED might be showing you have good battery health, for troubleshooting purposes, try a different battery.

If none of the above suggestions solved your Invert Mini solenoid not clicking issue, please continue reading…

So if you are reading this, I am assuming that your Invert Mini solenoid still isn’t clicking. Welcome to the problem I was having. For these next steps, you need to make sure that you are comfortable taking apart your entire Invert Mini and you must be able to put it back together. Make sure that you have Q-tips and your Allen wrench kit that came with your Invert Mini. You will also need a tiny philips head screw driver that is just a bit bigger than what you would use for eye glasses.

If you are unsure of how to take apart your Invert Mini, I heavily suggest taking a look at the ZDS Paintball Invert Mini Disassembly page.

Now we are ready to start taking apart your Invert Mini paintball marker. Let’s do it.

First off, there are some things you need to be looking for and be aware of. There are 2 magnets that you need to be looking for that trip the sensor for the solenoid to operate. As you are taking apart your marker via the ZDS disassembly page, look for these magnets. One of them is on top of the trigger itself. The other magnet is underneath the board on the main body of the Invert Mini. Sometimes the magnets either break off or fall off. If you are missing either of these magnets you need to contact Empire Paintball and get them to send you new ones. You can find that second magnet by lifting up the corner of the board on the main body of the Invert Mini. Don’t lift it to far or you will break it. Just take a little peek in there will a little light. You should be able to see it if it’s there. If your magnets are both there, please continue reading.

Next, you need to make sure that the wires on the Invert Mini solenoid are not crimped or broken. Also make sure that they are well connected to the board. If the mini still doesn’t work, you need to take apart the solenoid.

So basically, the solenoid (the small silver cylinder on the front of the frame) screws right off the body of the Mini. You will notice 3 tiny screws on the top of the solenoid. Take those out. Be very careful unscrewing the screws. They strip very easily and if you strip them you will just have to buy a new solenoid. Once you get the screws out, consult the ZDS Disassembly page for what the internals of the solenoid should look like and how to put it back together. You will want to take your Q-tip that you got and swab the inside of the solenoid cylinder and the solenoid piston. Clean it very good and make sure no more black stuff or grit is coming out of it.

Do not lube the internals of the solenoid. Empire Paintball does not recommend lubing the solenoid and so I do not recommend it either.

Once you have the solenoid clean, gently slide the piston back into the casing and let it suspend itself. You will feel the magnets pulling it in. Just be very gentle and it will “float” in the casing. Make sure it looks like the picture at the bottom of the ZDS disassembly page. Now you can put your marker back together. While you have it apart, you might as well give the bolt and stuff a fresh lubing. Doesn’t hurt…

Once it is back together properly, hold the trigger and turn the marker back on with the eyes off. Pull the trigger. It should click the first time. If it doesn’t, give it about 5-6 more pulls. It should not take more than that to get it moving again. If it doesn’t, make sure that the LED light is blinking green. Make sure the light goes red when you pull the trigger. If your Invert Mini solenoid still doesn’t work after doing this maintenance, I suggest giving Empire Paintball a shout. You may have fried your solenoid. If you marker is under warranty, you have nothing to worry about. If I’m not mistaken, the solenoid for the Invert Mini only cost like 30-40 dollars. So it’s not a huge punch to the wallet.

I hope that my suggestions have helped anyone who make be having issues with their Invert Mini solenoid not clicking. If you have any questions or need further assistance, leave a comment in the comment box below. I will do my best to assist you. If I left something out to try, leave me a comment and I’ll edit the post. Thanks for reading and play hard, when you get your mini fixed at least. ;P


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  1. BobbyJune 27, 2014 at 7:23 pmReply

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I love you!(not in a gay way) I FINALLY FIXXED MY SOLENOID!!!!!!!!! YAY!

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