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How to shoot faster in paintball

November 4, 2011 by Cliff B. in Player Tips with 3 Comments

So how do you shoot faster in paintball? Is shooting faster really that important? Yes and no actually.

The thing with paintball and shooting fast is this… Shooting slow can hinder you from laning another player out during a game, but shooting faster also doesn’t make you a better player either. You need to find a balance between the two. But yes, shooting faster can help you in certain situations.

There are many things that can help you shoot your paintball gun faster. The first one is as follows. If you are not shooing an electronic paintball marker, you need to be in order to get the full potential out of your fingers. Milsim paintball players may not have that need to shoot fast, and most don’t. You milsim players are exempt from this. Electronic markers allow for faster trigger response times and have different modes for firing. They are also either using a micro switch or magnets for trigger travel and/or activation of the marker to fire. It really does help you shoot faster. But don’t rely on modes to help you become a faster gunslinger. It’s a false sense of being faster, especially if you use ramp mode. Let’s talk about this below.

Ramping is where you pull the trigger so many times in a row to send your gun into a full auto firing setting. You still need to pull the trigger but your gun can and will be shooting 12 or more bps (balls per second). Most of the time, you only need to pull the trigger 3 times to enter ramp mode, as long as your paintball marker board supports ramping and you have it set to ramp mode. You do not need to use this mode when you are training your fingers to shoot faster. It will not help you. To train your fingers to be faster and more consistent, you need to only be using semi-auto on your paintball marker until you start seeing an improvement on your shots and shooting speed. Personally, I don’t like ramp. I feel that it’s an excuse and crutch for people less skilled. Those people need to sit down and actually improve their game instead of rely on a technology setting to get them by. Anyone can improve their shooting speed with practice. Anybody.

The next thing you can do is to use either finger weights and/or one of those finger trainers guitarists use. You can find them probably at your local music shop. Sit around when you have nothing to do and train your fingers to be stronger and more coordinated. Also, when you are not doing anything, sit there and play with your trigger with your paintball marker off. Get your fingers in the habit of moving consistently and quickly. Get used to your trigger and memory train your fingers.

So how do you shoot faster in paintball you ask? Follow some or all of the things I’ve mentioned in the article above. Also, come up with your own ways. Find a trigger that you like and feels good. Shoot and become familiar with your marker. Go play more. Only use semi-auto while playing. You will see an improvement in your paintball shooting speed. The bottom line is practice. If you are a newer player, speed will come with time. Remember though, shooting fast doesn’t mean you are a good player. There is so much more that makes a player good, and shooting is just one piece of the puzzle.  But I cannot stress enough how important actually getting out there and practicing is.

So I hope you learned something by reading this. Did this answer your question about how to shoot your paintball marker faster? Do you have something else to add? Tell me in the comments below!

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