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Video – 2011 PSP World Cup final game – Tampa Bay Damage VS Russia Boston Red Legion

October 27, 2011 by Cliff B. in News, PSP with 0 Comments

PSPEvents has uploaded the final game of the 2011 PSP World Cup between champions Tampa Bay Damage and Russia Boston Red Legion. It was good paintball between both teams, as both teams are pretty dominant on the field. Enjoy the final match between Tampa Bay Damage and Russia Boston Red Legion.

Jason Edwards made the move of the game for Damage by shooting 3 players within 3 seconds. That was an amazing play by Edwards that won them the point, despite having a penalty. Amazing. And there for a second when the refs were checking him out for a possible hit, I thought he may of got hit. He walked away clean with the point.

It was a back and forth final game. Damage started gaining momentum and started out gunning Red Legion players despite equal skill sets between teams. Congratulations to Damage for their big win. All teams played well. See you next year at 2012 PSP World Cup.

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