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NPPL and PSP will not merge for 2012 season

December 1, 2011 by Cliff B. in NPPL, PSP with 0 Comments

There has been a news release by the NPPL stating that the time has been exhausted to negotiate for a merger between the NPPL and PSP paintball leagues. Those of you who have been following this news now have the final statement for the 2011 season. In short, the NPPL and PSP will not be merging for the 2012 season due to negotiations not being able to satisfy both parties involved, the NPPL and PSP paintball leagues.

A merger between these two leagues would have really been a good thing for the paintball community and could have let many more teams compete. The reason for this is that teams would only have to focus their money on one tournament instead of two expensive paintball tournaments. The prize pools could have been bigger too. Both the PSP and NPPL are great paintball series that allow top players to compete for title at the highest level of competition.

It has also been stated that negotiations are not completely through. In the future, we could possibly still see a PSP and NPPL merger. The talks may be over for this year, but they are far from completely over. Below is a quote from the NPPL news release:

Dear Industry Members, Teams, Players and Supporters,
In June of this year, the PSP management and the NPPL management met in Las Vegas for a meeting to construct the framework for a merged or newly combined entity to host one paintball tournament event series for 2012 and beyond. Both the PSP and the NPPL supported by the majority of the industry felt that given the past erosion of our industry and the current economic uncertainty, that one league hosting a series of events would be the best thing for everyone involved. After additional meetings in New Jersey, Orlando and Las Vegas combined with countless phone conferences and email correspondence, we were unable to come to an agreement that satisfied both parties. Given the time that is left in the calendar year and the quickly approaching 2012 tournament season, we have exhausted the time to negotiate further.
The PSP & NPPL staff fully recognizes the benefits of a combined league for 2012 and with the most genuine of intentions, deployed all assets and made every effort to make one league a reality for the paintball community. We believe the PSP & NPPL organizations pursued the negotiations with the same intentions and shared our desire to be successful. The PSP & NPPL both recognize the termination of negotiations as a temporary setback but remain committed and optimistic to merging for one league in the future. We want to thank the staff of both the PSP & NPPL and sincerely appreciate the efforts they made to consummate a combined entity.
The PSP & NPPL Management.
So what do you think? Do you think that at the end of the 2012 season we will see an NPPL and PSP merger? What do you think about the news release?


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