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Procaps bought by GI Sportz

December 5, 2011 by Cliff B. in News with 0 Comments

Word is out that Procaps has been bought by GI Sportz. This is cool that two huge names in the paintball paint business of the sport have moved together. This speaks good news for the 2012 paintball season and I’m anxious to see what GI can bring to the table now that they own Procaps.

Apparently GI will be moving into Procaps facility in Quebec, Canada. Both companies are located in Canada. GI Sportz were in a bidding war against Kee Action Sports, better known as Empire and Tippmann. All of the companies have left their mark and impacted paintball in a positive way. Congratulations to GI Sportz on their recent acquisition.

There is no word on the official price GI acquired Procaps for.

Rest assured that Procaps will be run by a fully capable GI Sportz. GI makes outstanding paintballs used by the top professional teams all over the world. Lot’s of people use their paint and you can get it at just about every paintball proshop in North America. The paint has been proven time and time again. GI Sportz is a great company and the 2012 season should be a good one! Until then, play hard and keep your paint in the air…

What do you think of the acquisition of Procaps by GI Sportz? What do you think will happen now the two huge paintball companies have become one?

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