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Increased Cost of Paintballs for 2012 CXBL

September 26, 2011 by Cliff B. in CXBL, News with 0 Comments

An official press release at xball.com states that there will be an increase in paint cost for the 2012 CXBL season. The press release stated that the reason is out of their control and they have no choice but to pass on the increased cost to the players.

Thankfully, the cost increase isn’t too bad. It will be a $5 increase from $65 increased to $70 +taxes. Spread out between your team, you will not be hurting to bad in the wallet. As the rest of the world gets more expensive, we can expect paintball to follow eventually. After all, the people that make all of your gear and paint are businesses and they have to make money. Even though we all wish it could be a little bit cheaper. Shipping and freight play big parts. Gas is expensive.

They also state in the press release that they have new exciting things in store for the upcoming 2012 season and to stay tuned for future press releases on the subject. For all of you getting ready for the 2012 season, good luck and play hard. Keep your guns up and the game alive.


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