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Damage wins 2011 PSP World Cup shooting the Dye DM12

October 31, 2011 by Cliff B. in News, PSP with 0 Comments

It’s old news now, but hey, Damage won world cup. Shocking I know. However, I just received an email stating that they were using the new Dye DM12. That however, was interesting to me. If you aren’t familiar with the process that paintball manufacturers use to test their equipment, it should be mentioned that they let some pro teams use the equipment for testing purposes.

It is a pretty strong statement Dye made by letting them use the new Dye DM12 for World Cup. However, they did something right obviously as Damage won World Cup using the new Dye DM12. Hey, the gun works!

Anyways, if Damage can win World Cup with this new marker, I would say that you can win your paintball games also. So now we all know what they were shooting when they shot out that last Red Legion player to take the win. It was the Dye DM12!

On an ending note, they were also rocking the new 2012 line of Dye apparel also. I thought it looked pretty boss. Dye just keeps bringing it to the table and I’m satisfied with it.

Dye DM12

Damage paintball team dm12 paintball gun

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