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The AXBL Paintball League Is Terminated

September 19, 2011 by Cliff B. in AXBL with 0 Comments

It’s official now. The AXBL Xball paintball league is over. They have closed the doors for 2010 and coming years. The AXBL (American Xtreme Paintball League) was the American xball league in the states. There is still the CXBL which is the Canadian league.

You can expect the other series like the PSP, NPPL, and other regional tournaments to strengthen now that time and money is more open for teams to compete more in these events.

It was shocking to me to go to the Xball.com website and read the press release. To be honest, it kind of scared me. There are many shops in my city of Winnipeg who say that paintball is dying every day. Now I don’t believe that to the point of insanity because for one, the guy at Canadian Paintball Shop looked depressed with life, and for another, the sport seems to be growing at a great rate at Paradise Paintball Field. But still, when I read this press release, I thought that one of the only large paintball series in Canada was about to follow to the grave just like the AXBL.

The commissioner of the NAX says that they are going to focus all of their efforts and attention at their Canadian players now. This could mean that paintball is about to become larger here now that the NAX is putting all their efforts into Canadian interest. I think we are in for a great but shifting year for 2010 with new things happening. If it all doesn’t happen this year, I think it will happen in 2011.

I wish all the American teams the best of luck this year with their game and tournaments with the AXBL being gone. Good luck in the PSP and NPPL. To all my Canadian teams, I wish you the best of luck in the CXBL and other tournaments this year. Play hard and keep your guns up.

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