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2012 Splatters Paintball SPS Tournament Series Media Coverage Plans

October 6, 2011 by Cliff B. in News, SPS with 0 Comments

The 2012 season for the SPS is coming up next year and we have decided to have full media coverage of all 4 SPS events. For those of you who might not know what the SPS tournament is all about, we will give a brief explanation of what it’s all about.

The SPS tournament series is hosted by Splatters Paintball in Manitoba, Canada. The SPS series boasts the biggest 5-man  tournament series in central Canada with a young guns 3-man division, rookie division, and novice division. The SPS started out in 2004 with just one event and has grown into 4 events hosted during the summer at Splatters Paintball in Manitoba. The SPS series has attracted many teams from Manitoba as well as surrounding provinces and even teams from nearby states!

The goal of the SPS series is as follows, as told by Splatters Paintball:

  • Attract new players to the tournament scene
  • Provide a top venue for competitive play in Manitoba, including both on and off field amenities for players, family, and spectators
  • Provide an exciting and motivating paintball scene to allow players to grow in skill and experience
  • Provide fair and unbiased reffing for all divisions
  • Host 1 unified series in Manitoba, maximizing sponsor exposure and providing the best prize pools
  • Promote the competitive aspect to the public, and provide spectators with the best possible viewing experience
  • Put the competitive paintball scene in the eye of the public, through sports updates on television and radio and other local media

I think that they have some very great goals that help the sport of paintball. A special thank you goes out the Splatters Paintball for helping the growth of our sport! So as we see fit to have media coverage of the events, iFrag Paintball will take it upon ourselves to start media coverage on the Splatters Paintball SPS tournament series. Coverage will begin with the start of the 2012 SPS season. Good luck to all of the teams who will be competing and let’s see some action packed good paintball! Play hard and keep the game alive!

Be sure to check out the website for all the information on the SPS series. You can find it at Splatters Paintball SPS Tournament Series.

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