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Empire Event SN Goggle System Review

October 5, 2011 by Cliff B. in Masks

Manufacturer: Empire Paintball

Price: $99.95

Get one: Compulsive Paintball


Paintball goggle systems have a lot to do with personal preference and comfort. A little brand loyalty and style is thrown in there also. The Empire Event SN goggle system is a little bit of all of these. I myself have been a loyal Empire Paintball customer and have had the opportunity to try out and own a lot of their awesome gear. The Event SN goggle system has my full attention.

I found the Empire Event SN goggle system to be very comfortable while still allowing for a wide field of vision and full safety. Unlike the SLY Profit, the soft ears on the Event SN were actually comfortable. I didn’t really have any issue with this mask moving on my face or head, despite the amount of running I do.

The Empire Event SN features a quick release lens changing system. This is nice for quickly swapping between lenses if one gets scratched or broken. The lens can literally be changed in a matter of seconds and pretty much comes standard on performance paintball goggle systems these days. The Empire Event SN is no different.

I played with the Empire Event SN goggle system for quite a bit now and I have no problem with fogging, field of vision, or obscured sight. The most important thing your mask should have besides safety is the ability to deflect moist hot air out of the mask to prevent fogging problems. The Event SN excels at this and in turn provides you with a great paintball goggle system good enough for any type of play in any type of weather. I used this goggle system in a humid climate with no issues. I’ve also used this goggle system in non-humid climates with again, no issues. If you pick this goggle system up, fogging is the least of your worries.

Empire paintball came out with a great product with the Event SN. This mask is worth the cash you will spend to get it. Go down to your local pro-shop and try one out for yourself. You can also pick one up at Compulsive Paintball with free shipping. Play hard and keep the game alive!


  • Removable soft ear pieces
  • Low profile faceplate
  • Advanced, optically correct lens
  • Clear, thermal-cured anti-fog dual pane lens
  • Quick-release lens system
  • High quality strap with silicone beading to keep the mask firmly in place
  • Dual-molded mask
  • Soft Ear covers
  • Microfiber goggle bag included
  • Dual density foam
  • Includes visor and Brow Shield

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