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Dye i4 Goggle System Review

September 22, 2011 by Cliff B. in Masks with 0 Comments

Manufacturer: Dye Paintball

Price: $109.95

Get one: Compulsive Paintball


The Dye i4 goggle system is probably one of the lightest, if not the lightest, goggle systems on the paintball market today. With that said, the Dye i4 is a mask that not only looks good, but feels good on your head. The reason the Dye i4 feels so good on your head is also probably because it is probably also the most small of all the goggle systems on the market. This thing is tiny. The Dye i4 goggle system is so small that someone with a normal sized head would have the bottom of their mouth open through the bottom of the mask if they should have the need to yawn, yell, or laugh. If Dye was going for the goal of having the smallest goggle system out there, then they succeeded.

Let’s give you some features straight from Dye:

  • The i4 Rapid Lens Change System
  • 290 Degrees of Horizontal and Peripheral Vision
  • Co-Molded Soft Low Profile Mask
  • Soft, Lightweight Ear Protection
  • Comfortable Anatomic Mask Fit
  • Retention Strap
  • Extreme Multi-Directional Venting
  • 20% Lighter Than Previous i3 Pro Goggle System
  • Upgraded With A Hi-Def Thermal Lens

The first thing I want to touch base on is the rapid lens change. They claim it can be done in under 10 seconds. Now I don’t see a need to be in that much of a hurry while changing a lens, but in practice, it can actually be done. The lens is simple and quick to change which is a perk for all of you “in a hurry” people.

Speaking of the lens and all of that, the field of vision is great in the Dye i4 goggle system. You have a full 290 degrees to be able to see your opponent and any moves they may be trying to make. This is nice because it doesn’t make your face feel cramped and you don’t need to turn your head to the side to see what is going on. It helps you have the same field of vision as if you were not wearing the Dye i4 goggle system.

Since the Dye i4 goggle system is so small, Dye had to go with a more firm and rigid mask. The reason for this is that the mask is so small and fits so close to your face that if you took a paintball to the face, if it was a soft mask you would be eating a whole bunch of paint. This means less bounces but at the same time the Dye i4 has a much smaller profile then any other goggle system out there. This is a true fact. Another thing about the mask being so small is that depending on your face size and shape, your jawbone could be below the bottom of the mask. I didn’t find that this was much of an issue but I have heard others state that this was an issue for them. Try the Dye i4 goggle system on before you buy it if you are not sure.

One thing I noticed that is important to me is that the mask had zero fogging issues. This was great considering I play outdoors sometimes and it can be very humid here. The Dye i4 goggle system has a great feature of multi-directional venting. The venting on this goggle system is amazing. There just isn’t to much to say about it to go into depth. It just…. works!

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a stylish mask by a trusted manufacturer that is lightweight, will not fog up, has a large field of vision, and is low profile, the Dye i4 goggle system is the perfect goggle system for you no doubt. Dye always comes through for the paintball consumers and community and the Dye i4 is just another outstanding product by Dye. I suggest you try one of these out. Most will like the tiny design. Some may not. It all comes down to personal preference. Go to your local paintball pro-shop and try one of these out or pick it up online at Compulsive Paintball and get free shipping and no tax charge. The Dye i4 is a killer goggle system. Thanks for reading and choosing my review. Play hard and keep the game alive!

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