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Planet Eclipse Etek 3 AM Marker Review

September 18, 2011 by Cliff B. in Markers with 1 Comment
Manufacturer:Planet Eclipse
Price: $599.95


The Planet Eclipse Etek 3 AM is a nice gun. It is all metal construction unlike the LT which uses some composite material to make up the gun. I personally prefer an all metal lightweight version of the gun. I’m not saying that composite isn’t lightweight because it is very lightweight. I just prefer all metal as well as lightweight and this gun is both of those. So in short form, I love this gun. Want some specs on it? Sure you do.
  • LED Board – 3 tru-colour LED indicators simplify the programming process.
  • Soft Grips – Follows the same design as the Geo and Ego grips. Comfortable, slim, grippy and soft.
  • Programmable Firing Modes – as standard the Etek3 has the capability to be set to cover every current tourney regulation.
  • On/Off Purge System(OOPS) – Uses the sames OOPS as the Ego10. It dumps air from the marker when it’s turned off.
  • Break Beam Sensor System – Ensures that the marker is preventing chopped balls in the breech.
  • Fully Adjustable Trigger – The trigger rides in a self-lubricating trigger holder that clips neatly into the frame.
  • 14 inch 2-Piece Barrel – Honed barrel with the distinct Eclipse Reverse Threading using the same interface as the Shaft2, Shaft3 and SL barrels. 0.693″ rear bore is standard.
  • S3 Inline Regulator – Taken directly from the Ego10, the S3 regulator features a self-purging device to ensure that the valve chamber is left empty once the tank has been removed.
  • New Direct Mounted Solenoid – Mounts directly to the marker body, directly adjacent to the rammer.
  • Cure Bolt – carried over from the Ego range, the Etek3 now has a Cure Bolt as standard, as well as a body contoured cut at the rear so the bolt blends seemlessly into the marker.
  • Zick Kit – The Zick kit that became famous in the SL74 and carried through all Ego08/09 production, can be found standard in the Etek3.
  • New Smaller Rammer Housing – this makes the whole rear bottom tube smaller and allows the gun to be more compact.
  • Deftek Offset Feed – the feed is offset to one side by a small amount
  • One-Piece Body (No FRM) – Like the Ego7 onward, the FRM of the Etek3 is integrated into the body for reliability and robustness.
  • Adjustable LPR – With the same LPR found on the SL8r Ego, the Etek3 offers precise control of LPR pressure.
  • Emortal LCD Cicuit Board Upgradeability

This is actually the gun that I use from game to game. It is very durable and lightweight (which I’ve said a couple of times already) and upgradeable. I want to talk about the board for a second or two. However long it takes you to read it I guess.

This gun is fully upgradeable to the Emortal board. This is a hot board and I’m going to buy it for my gun no questions asked. This board is LCD instead of LED which is pretty freaking sweet. It is just going to possibly be the best board this gun will ever see. You can pick one up at Compulsive Paintball.

Using cocker threads, this gun can use a wide variety of barrel upgrades, if you want to put a different barrel on it. The barrel that comes on this gun is already very accurate and possibly doesn’t need any upgrade. This is really just your preference. The Eclipse Etek 3 AM comes in lot’s of colors too. I prefer the white/black model. I think it just looks really great.

Another thing I really like about this gun is the On/Off Purge System or OOPS. This is a really neat feature. I appreciate it. I also love the trigger on this gun. It feels really awesome. It is also fully adjustable so that you can tweak it to your personal preference.

All in all, I am glad this gun came out. It is reliable outstanding performance for everyone on any kind of budget. I would recommend this gun to any player as a first high end gun and any tourney player. It will suit all of your needs. If you are a rec baller, you can use this gun too. I would recommend black for woodsballing though as white would really stand out. Great job Planet Eclipse.

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