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Empire Axe Paintball Marker Review

September 20, 2011 by Cliff B. in Markers with 1 Comment

Manufacturer: Empire Paintball

Price: $459.95

Get one: Compulsive Paintball


The Empire Axe is another great paintball marker that gives you high-end performance at a mid-range price. This marker compares to the Etek, Reflex, and G4 and FX paintball markers equally and actually, I thought it did better in some aspects.

A full set of features from the manufacturer for the Empire Axe paintball marker are listed below:

  • Unique Push Button Bolt Removal System For Easy Maintenance
  • Empire Relay Regulator/ASA with ON/OFF Lever Makes Tank Removal a Breeze
  • Extended Grip Frame and New Grip for Increased Comfort
  • Magnet Returned Bearing Trigger Offers Smooth Firing Action
  • Accurate, Lightweight, Aluminum Barrel Hits Your Target
  • Integrated Break Beam Anti-Chop Eyes Eliminates Chopped Balls
  • Outstanding Velocity Consistency Offers Performance You can Depend On
  • Low Pressure Operation is Gentle on Paint
  • Multiple Adjustable Firing Modes (Semi, PSP Ramping, NXL, & Millennium Ramping)
  • Patented Proprietary Slipstream Solenoid Allows For Fast Firing
  • Through Grip Air Transfer Means No Hoses to Crimp or Break
  • Clamping Feedneck- No Tools to Mount the Loader

First of all, this marker shot accurate and smooth. There is a reason why the pro’s of XSV and Infamous are shooting it. The Empire Axe has a low operating pressure and anti-chop eyes that allows it to shoot very fragile paint which means that you have less bounces and more breaks on your target. This can mean the difference between winning and losing your match. I ran close to 4100 paintballs through this marker for an efficiency test and just to have fun, and I didn’t break a paintball. It was fun to shoot. Speaking of the efficiency, this gun was efficient enough to make me pleased. I always shoot with a 68/45 and when I shot the Empire Axe paintball marker, I shot about 1200 balls through it. Due to the temperature and it wasn’t a tip top full tank, I think that was pretty good. The stock barrel on this marker is great also, but as always, people will want to upgrade. I don’t mind that. A nice 2-piece would be gnarly.

The consistency of this marker was amazing too. Depending on the temperature and humidity, you can expect between +-3 to +-5 on the chrono. This consistency equals reliability on the field. You don’t have to worry about drop-off and stuff like that.

Out of the box, the Empire Axe paintball marker is ready to play. It has many different firing modes including semi, PSP ramping, NXL, and Millennium ramping. That is just about everything that you need to be honest. Most local fields only allow semi-auto, at least they do here in my city. All in all, this gun comes ready for you to hit the field and get some intense games in.

As you may well know, the Empire Axe comes with a hoseless design. This means that you don’t have to worry about breaking or busting hoses, or leaks that may occur at the hose connections. That is one less headache to worry about and well worth it. The Empire Axe has the through grip air transfer design.

The Empire Axe feels great in your hands. It has plenty of room in the frame for people with bigger hands and the marker is light and agile. You can run, dive, slide, and move around bunkers with ease which means a better game for you. It also comes with a clamping feedneck which means less upgrading for you. You will not have to worry about your loader falling off in slides and dives. Locking feednecks should come standard on paintball markers and Empire made sure you got one. The same goes for on/off ASA’s. The Empire Axe comes with one. Less upgrading again.

From other reviews you may have read, you know I am picky on triggers. The trigger can make or break the paintball marker for me. Granted, you can upgrade the trigger and most do, but I really like it when the manufacturers give you a trigger that rips and makes the gun easy to shoot. I hate having to try to shoot my marker because of a sloppy trigger. The Empire Axe did great on this one. I found that the trigger was on par with what I need and expected. It was not hard to get good rates of fire on semi and ramping was obviously a breeze. This got my attention real quick on the Empire Axe and it is one of my favorite markers now. It is a great improvement over the mini.

My final words of wisdom to you is that if you are anticipating purchasing this marker, don’t ponder for to long. The Empire Axe is amazing and most, if not all, of the people who have shot this paintball marker know what I’m talking about. This marker will allow you to take your game to the next level. Go pick this up at your local paintball pro-shop or you can pick it up online with free shipping at Compulsive Paintball. Get the Empire Axe. You won’t regret it. It really does hold it own against high-end markers such as the Ego, Geo, any Dangerous Power marker, and any Proto marker also. You get high-end performance for mid-range price. Have fun and enjoy the Empire Axe paintball marker. Play hard.

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