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Dye DM12 information and features review

October 31, 2011 by Cliff B. in Markers with 0 Comments

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The new Dye DM12 looks good and has some great new features that really make this marker stand out on the top of the high-end paintball gun spectrum. This marker is retailing at the moment¬† at $1,399.95 which is about the right price point for a marker of this caliber. The Dye DM12 paintball marker was used by Damage to win the 2011 PSP World Cup. So… it’s a pretty nice gun.

I’ll give you some features:

  • Quick Release Bolt System
  • Ultralite 45 Frame
  • Ultralite Airport
  • Eyepipe
  • Lockdown Feedneck
  • LPR Operating at 60-70 psi
  • Fuse Bolt Operating at 145 psi
  • Hyper3 Regulator
  • Reach Trigger
  • Sticky Grips
  • Color Coordinated O-rings

The new DM12 utilizes a quick release bolt system, which is a new feature on this model Dye paintball marker. What this means is that you can take the bolt out of the gun to clean it without to much effort and zero tools. Basically, the back cap has magnets in it that allow the player to extend it to be able to grip the surface of the bolt and unscrew it for easy maintenance. Just another nice feature on another nice Dye paintball marker. Did I mention it was easy to do bolt maintenance?

As usual, the gun is coming with the UL frame and airport. Same stuff different gun. Enough said about that. Oh that also goes for the eyepipe, grips, feedneck, and so on.

The hyper3 regulator will show up on the Dye DM12. It is a proven regulator used on the Dye NT11. I don’t need to touch to much on this subject. We all know what it does and that it is a pretty sweet regulator. This regulator will give your Dye DM12 the pressure it needs to operate and functions well. It give you reliable performance. And it’s Dye. What more could you need?

The DM12 also incorporates the Fuse bolt system to push your paint out of the Ultralite barrel. The Fuse bolt operates at an extremely low 145 psi, which produces a smooth bolt cycle, minimal recoil, and extreme accuracy while the DM12’s LPR operating at 60-70 psi makes sure that you get that quiet shot and the ability to shoot the most brittle of paintballs. Important much? To me, absolutely.

As with all paintball guns made by Dye these days, the Eyepipe comes standard. If you break paint in the breach, pop pop and your clean. Need to remove it? Stick your finger in there (not pressurized of course), wiggle it around a bit and pull the eyepipe right out. Simple… Moving on.

The trigger is the same trigger you see on the NT and DM11 etc etc… You know what it is and what it feels like if you have messed around with previous DM’s and NT’s.

What about air efficiency? Well, you know that it is one of those things. Honestly though, expect approx. 1400 to 1600 shots. It’s a spool design marker. Nothing bad about it but that’s what it is. Also take into consideration tank size, temperature, paintball to barrel ratio, etc. These things do make a difference, however slight the difference may be.

So do I recommend the new Dye DM12? Sure. Do I recommend you go and pick up a DM11 new or used over the DM12? Sure. Why do I come to this conclusion? Because the fact of the matter stands that not a lot has changed on this marker. Yes it does have some new features not on previous DM’s. But are they worth all the extra money? I personally don’t think so. This is not a bad thing though. The Dye DM models have been around for a while and have been refined quite a bit. They have near perfected this paintball gun. You can go buy a DM11 and rest easy knowing that you have a tried and tested paintball marker that will perform with the other top of the line paintball guns out there. If you need that quick release bolt and stuff and have deeper pockets than I, go for the DM12. It is a sexy paintball marker no doubt.

Thanks for checking out the post. I really do appreciate it. Check out Compulsive Paintball for pricing on the new Dye DM12 and other paintball gear. In the meantime, check out all the new Dye DM12 color designs and salivate over them.

Dye Dm12 Black ClearDM12 White Cleardm12-red-whitedm12-red-clothdm12-lime-tigerdm12-indianred-orangedm12-graphite-orangedm12-dyecamdm12-blue-graphite-tandm12-blue-clothdm12-black-tanThere you have it. The Dye DM12 in all it’s glory.


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