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Dye DM11 Matrix Paintball Marker Review

September 27, 2011 by Cliff B. in Markers with 0 Comments

Manufacturer: Dye Paintball

Price: $999.95

Get one: Compulsive Paintball

The Dye DM11 is another great creation from the guys at Dye. This paintball marker is fast, smooth, efficient, and dead on accurate. The Dye DM11 comes stock with a 14″ Ultralite Barrel that hits your target every time. If accuracy and efficiency is the name of your game, the Dye DM11 would be worth taking a look at.

Lets get you some features:

  • 1.9 lbs weight
  • 14″ 2-piece Ultralite barrel at .688 bore
  • Fuse bolt
  • Internal LPR
  • Low operating pressure of 145 psi
  • Eye pipe with integrated detents
  • Ultralite airport
  • Ultralite reach trigger
  • 2nd Gen Ultralite frame
  • LED control with 4 fire modes and 40 ROF settings
  • Hyper3 regulator
  • Cam lock feed neck
  • Tool-less sticky grips for quick access

Personally, I think the Dye DM11 is quite comparable to the Dye NT. After shooting this paintball marker, I found that I actually wouldn’t mind owning the DM11. It just shoots so good. First of all, it is lightweight. This is important for arm and hand fatigue and the ease of movement while gunning. The gun weighs in at 1.9 lbs. which isn’t to bad. Also, the Dye DM11 comes with the 14″ Ultralite barrel standard. There is no need for a barrel upgrade as most of you know the Ultralite is pretty damned accurate in itself. The 14″ Ultralite makes this marker sound good and places each shot exactly where you wanted it to go. That is a perk to me and thus I should write it.

Next, the fuse bolt is great for a stock bolt and operates at a working pressure of 145 psi. That’s pretty good and allows you to shoot brittle paint so you get less bounces and more kills. During the efficiency test firing, I was watching for breaks. I wasn’t surprised to find that I had zero breaks. With a high-end paintball marker like the Dye DM11, you shouldn’t have any breaks. The Dye DM11 delivered that with shots to spare. The operating pressure of the bolt has everything to do with that. Great job Dye. The fuse bolt is also color coded for easy maintenance on your DM11. This is nice for people that get worried about screwing things up. Thumbs up to color coding.

As with the Proto line and the Dye NT, the Dye DM11 comes with the eye-pipe technology. No more taking shit apart. You just take your barrel off and stick your finger into the break, wiggle it around a little bit, then pull out the eye-pipe on the tip of your finger. This makes for painless cleaning and no more losing screws or hits messing up your eyes. It also makes for a more streamlined body of the marker. That’s about as much explanation as the eye-pipe needs.

The Dye DM11 comes standard with the 2nd gen Ultralite frame and reach trigger. A trigger can make a gun great or make it hell to shoot. So much rides on the trigger system and design of a paintball marker. The ease of shooting the marker can mean making a shot or missing out on the kill. The reach trigger was pretty good for a stock trigger design and actually allowed me to shoot it with ease. This depends from person to person and I don’t expect that every person out there will have the same preference on triggers that I do. Everyone has there own feel for the trigger. You either love it or you hate it. I just thought the DM11 reach trigger was functional and practical. I could walk it.

As also with the Proto line and the Dye NT, the Dye DM11 also comes with the Hyper3 regulator. The reg works. I had barely any, if any at all, shoot down. If there was any, it was so little that I couldn’t notice it.

The 145 psi operating pressure with the Hyper3 reg brings me to the efficiency aspects of this marker. You can expect approx. 1.1k – 1.2k on this marker stock. I shoot with a 68/45 air system. That’s not to bad.

With the stock board, you get 4 major fire modes including PSP and Millennium tournament modes. That is good if you are going to be playing where these modes are allowed or required. All in all, I thought the Dye DM11 had a lot going for it. As with the previous DM’s, the DM11 still shoots and looks good. As Dye refines the DM over the coming years more and more, I’m sure we can expect to see new game changing features on these markers. Let’s hope anyways.

If you are interested in the Dye DM11, I recommend heading down to your local paintball pro-shop and checking one out. You can also get this marker at Compulsive Paintball for free shipping and no taxes! If anything goes wrong with the marker, Dye has pretty good customer support that will do their best to take care of you. If you are even semi serious about paintball, I recommend checking the Dye DM11 out. Thanks for reading the review here at iFrag Paintball. Play hard and keep the game alive!

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