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DP G4 Paintball Marker Review

September 23, 2011 by Cliff B. in Markers with 0 Comments

Manufacturer: Dangerous Power

Price: $299.00

Get one: Compulsive Paintball


The Dangerous Power G4 would have been a great marker comparable to the Proto Rail, however, due to some issues with the G4 it fell quite a bit short. I have read around the forums and talked to some other DP G4 owners and found a common problem that many have shared. Bolt stick. This is a fairly common occurrence with the DP G4 and in turn makes it a pain to use the marker.

But anyways, here are the features for the marker from the manufacturer:

  • Patented low profile clamping feed neck
  • Eye cover
  • Innovative and highly efficient O-ring-less bolt firing system
  • Butterfly grip
  • 4-point trigger adjustment system
  • Adjustable break-away magnetic trigger
  • Rapid air pressure system (RAPS)
  • Operating pressure regulator (OPR)
  • Single 13″ barrel

Now here are the specs on the marker:

  • Length: 19.53 inches
  • Height: 7.91 inches
  • Weight: 1.85 lbs w/ battery
  • Operating pressure: 200 psi / 280 bps

This is a basic entry level marker in my opinion. The DP G4 doesn’t really have the bells and whistles of more mid-range markers such as the Etek 3, but for $300 you really can’t expect much. The DP G4 does come with eyes for anti-chop which is pretty much standard on markers of this type these days, but is still nice to have. The tripper adjustment feature was pretty nice, but the feel of the trigger to me was so-so. If I were to purchase this marker, I would probably upgrade it to something more comfortable to me.

The DP G4 also features the o-ring-less bolt firing system. Now I don’t know if every single person had this problem, but it seems that this system is touchy and I found that I had a lot of bolt stick. Mike from TechPB seems to have found a fix and I recommend watching his fix. He states that getting a thin lube and rubbing it on the bolt and o-rings inside the bolt chamber on the o-rings in there too will help ease the bolt stick. Other than that, I didn’t find any other severe problems with the marker.

So people ask if they should buy the DP G4 or the Proto Rail. I have used both markers and in my opinion, I would suggest the Proto Rail. The reason for this is that the Rail comes ready out of the box. I have zero problems with my rail and when I used the DP G4, it just seemed cheaper to me and then had the infamous bolt stick that I had to tinker with. With the paintball markers being the same price, I just feel like the Rail was the better deal. It’s up to you.

The efficiency of the marker was not to bad actually. It is a $300 marker and gives you good efficiency. That is something that gives this marker perks. In shooting the DP G4 with a 68/45 I averaged about 1.1k shots stock with indoor temperatures and a full fill. Not to bad if you ask me.

The clamping feed neck is something that the Proto Rail doesn’t have unless you buy the Reflex. The Reflex cost more than the DP G4 so it goes into a different category. The clamping feed neck is nice to have though so that you don’t lose your loader due to nasty dives and slides into bunkers. All in all the DP G4 is an okay gun but definitely not worth more than $300. There were just certain things about this paintball marker that broke the deal for me. The DP G4 is still a great entry level paintball marker that for the weekend warrior or person just starting out in the game. The DP G4 wasn’t a bad marker but it didn’t WOW me either. Thanks for reading the review and go to your local paintball pro-shop to check one out or pick one up at Compulsive Paintball for free shipping and no tax! Play hard and keep the game alive.

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