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Empire Prophecy Z2 Loader Review

September 19, 2011 by Cliff B. in Loaders with 1 Comment

Manufacturer: Empire Paintball

Price: $169.95

Get one: Compulsive Paintball


The Prophecy Z2 loader is Empires new loader that is packed with new features and is set to rival Dye’s Rotor hands down. Empire has, for the most part, put out great products over the years and the new Prophecy Z2 is another one of these great products. From recreational paintball to tournament paintball, and even into woodsball, the prophecy z2 will keep your paintballs fed into your marker and will work for you to make sure you don’t miss that next perfect shot.

A full set of features are listed below:

  • No tools needed for assembly and disassembly
  • Sound activated force feeding
  • Infrared sensors provide automatic ball jam clearance
  • Low profile and lightweight
  • Redesigned drive carrier for consistent and faster feeding
  • Integrated 1-piece feed neck for durability
  • Simple on/off toggle switch
  • Includes built-in Rip Drive system
  • Push button forward and reverse buttons
  • shoots reballs consistently
  • RF Upgradeable
  • Capacity approx. 200 paintballs

The prophecy z2 by empire is one killer loader. Just by the features above one can see how well this would fare in a game. Tool-less construction is one of those things that a loader worth it’s while these days needs to have standard. The prophecy z2 holds true to that. If you do break some paint inside the loader while running or diving, the assembly and disassembly is a piece of cake for cleaning. No worries there for sure.

The infrared sensors for automatic ball jam clearance is a feature that is necessary also. Most people shooting this loader are probably going to be shooting Dye, Proto, Planet Eclipse, etc… markers and will need a loader that can keep up without getting jammed up. The sensors take care of this issue and in turn make sure that you don’t miss that one needed shot for the win. I still remember the days when my loader would jam up and I had to either shake it or turn the feeder to unjam the loader. Those days seem to be over.

This is a very consistent loader and is definitely worth every dollar you spend on it. Don’t worry about the durability of this loader and rest assured that your investment is secure. The empire prophecy z2 loader is built for durability with new composite materials used for the construction on the loader. This loader can definitely handle your dives and slides into bunkers. For $170 it sure better be able to. Don’t worry, Empire stands behind their products.

All in all, if you are even a semi-serious player who needs a loader that can handle even the most demanding rate of fire and is durable enough for any type of play you might do, the Empire Prophecy Z2 loader is the loader for you. At $170 and free shipping at Compulsive Paintball, it comes in cheaper than the Dye Rotor and can handle the same kind of situations the same if not better, and still come out on top. Pick up this loader if you are looking for an upgrade or something that can keep up with you and your maker. The Empire Prophecy Z2 loader will not disappoint you. It didn’t disappoint me!

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