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Dye Rotor VS Empire Prophecy Z2 loader

September 29, 2011 by Cliff B. in Loaders with 0 Comments

Both the Dye Rotor and the Empire Prophecy Z2 are no doubt outstanding loaders. Both companies put out pretty nice products. In the loader war of which is better, the Dye Rotor or the Empire Prophecy Z2, both have pro’s and con’s. Which one is better? They are both good. Personally, I think it comes down to personal preference. But if you really need to have an answer of  “better”, let’s break it down to try to come up with one.

Let’s start with the Dye Rotor. The Dye Rotor is a nice loader for any marker hands down. It is fast, lightweight, easy to clean, and holds a small profile for less area to hit. The Dye Rotor loads fast with the speed feed which takes up less time on loading which in turn equals less time to get shot out and more time to shoot others out. Honestly, the bps that this loader can feed is great. But, on the contrary, most people playing this loader won’t be shooting full auto. Semi auto and PSP modes are most common, at least from what I’ve seen anyways. The most you will need to feed is 15 bps. Just my 2 cents. The profile on the Dye rotor is nice and small. This is great because the lesser the profile the less you get shot out. No brainer there. Next is the fact that this loader is easy to clean. It’s easy to take apart. The tool-less design of the Dye rotor is great design on Dye’s part and is a great sell point, not to mention it’s good on batteries. The Dye Rotor also cost a whopping $200. Let’s move onto the Empire Prophecy Z2.

The Prophecy Z2 is Empire’s new loader based on the previous Prophecy but with better features. First off, the Empire Prophecy Z2 is also fast, lightweight, easy to clean (featuring tool-less design also), and holds a smaller profile due to the change of design. The prophecy Z2 is now a direct competitor of the Dye rotor.  The capacity of the prophecy Z2 features 200 rounds, same as the Rotor. Again, pretty much all you need to be feeding is around 15 bps, but as you may well know, the prophecy Z2 features feed rates higher than that. You should note that the prophecy Z2 is now a tool-less designed loader. This helps for easier cleaning and taking the loader apart. This is a huge improvement in design and practicality since the original prophecy. The prophecy Z2 comes with infrared sensors to make sure this loader does not jam. Good stuff. They changed the material the loader was made out of also to provide less weight to the loader. It is also very durable. More good stuff. What makes this loader even better is it’s price. It is directly comparable, if not better, than the Dye rotor and it is cheaper. How that works, I don’t know. But I like it.

All in all, I found that the Empire Prophecy Z2 is an all around better loader than the Dye Rotor. Again, I don’t think that you can really compare these though, as they both function extremely well and do their job. They both will feed your paintball marker with more than enough speed. They are both durable and lightweight. But if you want to get quality at a good value, go with the Empire Prophecy Z2 loader. At a cost of $169 you really can’t complain. Time for Dye to come back with something better? We shall find out in the future. Till then, play hard and keep the game alive. Thanks for reading this comparison review and be sure to check out Compulsive Paintball for awesome pricing and free shipping on both of these products.

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